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...and they lived happily ever after.

Danish Camp, Willington, Bedfordshire

Today was Father's Day so we decided to go for a bike ride.

From Milton Keynes to Sandy runs the cycle Route 51.  It follows the disused Bedford to Sandy train line.  Very handy for us as we live at the end of the route in Sandy! 

The route is very scenic and mostly smooth, those there was a couple of gates that were hard to negotiate for my husband who had our daughter riding in the buggy behind.  We saw cows, fowl and rabbits and beautiful wild flowers as well as plenty of butterflies and dragonflies.

We cycled approximately 4 miles to our intended destination of the Danish Camp in Willington situated on the river.  This is a stop off for tourists and cyclists that has a beautiful restaurant, bouncy castle (free), cycle hire and a cage full of chipmunks!  Occasionally they offer face painting (£3), BBQs, live entertainment and pony rides.  On the 23rd July they will be celebrating their 5th Birthday with a mixture of the above features.

This was the first time we had cycled here but not out first visit. We really love it here and will cycle to here all the time as it was much more fun - and healthy!
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